Advisory & Compliance

In this area of practice, we serve as corporate and strategic advisor to high-net-worth individuals, business or project owners, senior and key managers in managing and mitigating their risk exposures, execution of business objectives or completion of critical projects. If required, we represent our clients in legal proceedings in Malaysia to recover payment or debt due, matters involving boardroom tussles, money-laundering charges or corporate fraud investigation.

For businesses without dedicated legal counsel, we act as external advisor to ensure that daily business operations of this corporations are conducted in compliance with the laws and regulations as well as continuously reviewing their internal policies to ensure their interest are covered. We are valued by our clients through hands-on approach, particular attention to detail as well as capabilities to facilitate their transactions.

We also provide businesses with legal audit services as well as legal training, if so required. In addition, we also provide advisory and compliance services in relation to matters pertaining to, amongst others, Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Terrorism Financing, Anti-Corruption and Personal Data Protection.

Practice Areas

  • Banking and Financing Reporting
  • Environmental, Sustainability and Governance
  • Anti-corruption & Anti-bribery
  • Data Protection and Data Privacy
  • Permits & Licenses from the Authorities
  • Know-Your-Customer & Due Diligence
  • Training & Workshops for Talent Development
  • Occupational Safety & Health